About the Barn


Pole barn measures 30 x 60 ft (1800 sq ft). Currently used as garage/workshop for cars, pickup truck, mowers, mini-backhoe, tools, etc. It could be used for boarding animals with modifications.

200 amp electric service currently servicing interior lights, two exterior HPS floodlights, wall outlets, and garage doors.

12 ft high ceiling.

Architectural asphalt shingle roof; no gutters. Roof overhangs exterior walls all around by 1.5 ft except over the two wooden sliding doors where overhang is 6 ft.

8 x 8 ft roof Cupola with wide windows on all four sides. Accessed by ladder inside the barn.

Dirt floor – designed to be poured concrete on gravel base in the future. Could include radiant heat provided by existing outdoor wood furnace.

Doors include:

  • 2 – 36 x 78-inch standard hinged walk-in doors
  • 2 – 10(w) x 8(h) ft electric garage doors for cars, trucks, and small equipment
  • 1 – 10(w) x 10(h) ft electric garage door big enough for large equipment or enclosed trailer
  • 1 – 10(w) x 8(h) ft with two old fashioned barn style wooden sliding doors